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More Shows coming soon! We are only getting started.

Post any requests below in Comments.

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  • Hello, would it be possible to upload NBC Hannibal series onto this website? i would (and i assume others) really appreciate it <3 Thank you!

    • few episodes added, rest will be added later this week

  • Da Vinci’s Demons

  • Do you think you could possibly put up the new upcoming Doctor Who episodes once they come out? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

    • Hi,
      we will start adding Doctor Who from Series 1 (2005) all the way up to the latest available episodes and then continue to the upcoming Series 8 + the others which might come after that.
      Like us on facebook to stay up to date or simply bookmark us :)

    • Hello there,
      Our DW site is up, check it out.

      We still need to add older seasons which we will add before the new one starts :)

  • Do you think you could do the Starz series ‘Da Vinci‚Äôs Demons’ and ‘Magic City’ ?

  • You guys think you could do the Syfy series Defiance? I don’t get that channel anymore and I know they’re making a series 2

  • Omg, thank you for adding Hannibal to this website. love you guys so much right now <3

  • wonder if ‘the #1 ladies detective agency’ is a viable request ?

  • This may not be up your alley, but my old man wants to watch Duck Dynasty so bad! Lol any chance of getting that? Or know of where i can find? Seems like it’d be easy, but it’s not:/

  • Is it possible to steam in HTML5? Would love to watch on my console.

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